Search and Filter Using Actors

Search and Filter Using Actors

When in Review Project Metadata, you can filter by actors by clicking Actor and you will see a text box drop down. Actors can be filtered as a part of a search or by themselves by either an inclusive or exclusionary search.

You can apply a filter that includes, doesn’t include or includes only.
  1. Includes ONE or More Selected – can be an item that has the actor(s) selected as part of an item.
  2. Does NOT Include ANY Selected – all items in the filter will not have that/those actor(s) as part off the filter results
  3. Includes ALL Selected at Minimum – This will include ONLY the selected actors PLUS anyone else that could be part of a group text or chat thread
  4. Includes ONLY Those Selected – Will have data from only those/that actor(s). When two or more actors selected, it will be items that only include those actors. Typically used in communication filter to isolate conversations.
Once you have your filters selected, click APPLY

Note: You can use Actor Filters as a part of any other filter or search

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