How to Search Using a Specific Control Number

How to Search Using a Specific Control Number

When in Review Project Metadata, you can filter by a partial or full control number by clicking Control Number and you will see a text box drop down.

You can either type in the full control number or a segment like part of the number or prefix as your search will be a wildcard on both sides of the query. For example “203” brought back the following result:

You can then select other criteria to go along with your Control Number filter or click APPLY and you will see all data loaded into ESI Analyst in the Chronological Item List. The search will prioritize the Control Number in the results, but searches can include for example:
Control Number and Type (Communications, Computer Activity, Transaction, Geolocation, Social Media) to show just those control numbers in those types.
When you have your criteria selected, click APPLY.
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