Creating an evidence container within ESI Analyst

Creating an Evidence Container in ESI Analyst

Evidence Containers are important to ALL data that involves media being associated to items in ESI Analyst. All ESI Analyst products have methods to create Evidence Containers and in ESI Analyst it is found in your Project Options > Project Items > Evidence when you are in your project.

To add a new Evidence Container Click Add Evidence on the right side of the screen.

When adding your Evidence Container in ESI Analyst you have more options to add above what is available in the other ESI Analyst platforms. 

Once this Evidence Container is created, you will see it throughout ESI Analyst products where you are importing data.  Click Save and the Evidence Container is available to use. 

Note: In the complimentary ESI Analyst products, you may have to use the "refresh" button for the new Evidence Container to show up.

Example, the Bradshaw Samsung evidence container is available in the import screen. 

Evidence Forms

Additional forms can be added by clicking on Evidence Forms. 

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